Freeze Your Credit

There is a law that lets consumers freeze credit for free.

Americans can put their credit reports in the deep freeze – and “thaw” them whenever they want – without cost thanks to a federal law that goes into effect today.

If you want to prevent someone from using your identity to make purchases that require access to your credit or prevent unnecessary access to your credit history then one way to do that is to freeze your credit. You can always unfreeze it when you need it.

For Equifax this took me all of five minutes. You can unfreeze anytime you want and its free. Do it with all three major agencies and protect yourself from identity thieves using your info to harm you. They can still get your identity, the question is how they use that against you and this makes it much harder.

Please take the time to do it now. Seriously, leave my site and go take care of this now. It really is a fast process.

Make a folder on your computer to back this info up, the PIN used to unfreeze later, and back that folder up online if you can. Just like you save those family photos right? Yeah, go do that now too. Back everything up.


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