Prevention Not Detention Instead of Defund the Police

Prevention not Detention is really what “Defund the Police” is all about. Now don’t get me wrong, there are those that say to just up and get rid of the police. That isn’t where “Defund the Police” really started. It was a bumper sticker and an idea that didn’t quite fit together. Okay yeah, in the heat of the moment that is what some think it means.

They are angry and frustrated and tired, but it doesn’t really mean get rid of all police funding. It means change the way we do things, pay for those things instead and when many of the duties of the police are replaced by those better qualified for the situation then you don’t need as much police or police funding.

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CanaKit Fan Issue Causing Annoying Whine

I have a Raspberry Pi CanaKit fan issue after only a couple of weeks, the fan was making a terrible noise. It was really annoying being in the same room with me and a closet wasn’t much better. I read that slowing it down using the 3.3V power may help but it was still having issues. I had to make a modification. The choice was a new fan or a new fanless case.

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Setting Up WordPress on a Raspberry Pi 4

I’ll go over the steps and resources I used in setting up WordPress on a Raspberry Pi 4. This is not a step-by-step guide in itself, but many of the links are and I think I covered everything that I did in the general order that I did them.

I switched from hosting my site with WordPress on a personal tier to instead use a Raspberry Pi server at my home. Why?

Since my site will never be all that busy and my home Internet is fast enough both up and down to host a simple website, why not host it myself and play around with a Raspberry Pi at the same time? I will also be able to use some add-ons that would otherwise require me to upgrade to a business account with WordPress.

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Observant Monkey Lives!

Okay, its not rocket science. I needed a domain name to match my public IP address and I wanted a ‘.com’ extension. Its not easy to find something available so I thought a little bit about what I wanted the future of this site to be. Its a blog to start with and I generally talk about my observations. There is a lot to observe, crazy bull shit to observe, and of course comment on. I’m a monkey, we are all monkeys. There it is.

It won’t always be a blog. I may sell things as well, but at first just point to things to sell. We’ll see.