A Discussion: How to Discuss

Sam Harris, Jordan Peterson and Douglas Murray in Dublin

One of the biggest problems we face today is polarization. We have such a wide variety of people in this country and we all have different thoughts about how to go about things. When we talk we usually start talking about the bad things, the worst case scenario of our disagreement. At some point, or simply over time, we got to where we just don’t talk to people we think have an opposing view. The problem is, we likely don’t disagree on everything and even those things we do, we probably are not really all that far off. As it is though, we may as well be aliens ready to go to war because we have set ourselves up to be too different to coexist on the same planet. I want your water and you want my women.

The video linked above is a couple of guys with different views talking…civilly. Its probably the best two hours of listening to two people, sometimes three, you don’t know talking about how to agree to disagree, not disagreeing or agreeing to disagree but how to go about it, the agreeing to disagree part.

Its a little on the intellectual side at times. You are under no obligation to admit to understanding what they are talking about.

I don’t know these guys. I actually agree with all three at times, sometimes all at the same time while they each disagree with one another on one or many points, sometimes partial points.

I promise you’ll find this valuable. If you don’t then I was wrong or I lied, one of the two. I won’t admit either, I never do.

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