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I grew up in Lake City, FL. I went to college at The University of Alabama and graduated with a degree in aerospace engineering.
While part of my education in college involved writing programs, it was a very small part. Usually each class had us write a program to solve a problem in an iterative manner. My interest was in web development and that, along with Windows programming, was not part of my formal education. I am self-taught in my current expertise.
Actually, expertise is a little difficult to use because I consider myself a Jack-of-All-Trades. I learn new things on the fly, develop my knowledge as much as I can to serve the purpose of the job at hand and I try to use that going forward until I need to learn something else. In the end I have a lot of skills that I wouldn’t say I’m an expert in, but I can tap them all and expand them as needed.
I am a full stack developer working primarily in the retirement planning sector. That means I work on everything from database development (Oracle, MySql, SQL Server), to applications and the web front end (Aurelia, Blazor, JavaScript, CSS, Bootstrap, Angular) as well as Windows services and applications. I also get roped in to Crystal Reports from time to time.
I’m a father of a young boy born in 2011. At time of writing this he is nine. I’m fortunate in that my job allows me to work from home every day.